My contact page is currently under maintenance, you can contact me by email: petski_5(@)

About Me

Hey there, I am a 2D artist/animator from Finland. I use several different design programs for my work. I use Adobe Photoshop mostly for image manipulation, more complex graphics and for printable stuff that requires CMYK color mode. I prefer Adobe Flash for web elements; such as, vector animations, graphics and pretty much anything simple that requires to be done in RGB mode. I use Adobe After Effects for motion graphics and for animations that I feel need a final touch.

Smiple Logo

  • I can design a HQ minimalist vector logo. Logo can be exported in different formats (such as, Jpeg, Png, Eps, Psd, Pdf etc).


  • I create animations for games, apps and pretty much anything. I can also create the design itself.


  • I can create intros, printables, banners, you name it. Send me a message if there is something specific you’re looking for.